Ghost Spam is Free from the Politics, we dancing like a paralytics

What is "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics" in Google Analytics ?!

I've had a Wordpress portfolio site up for a questionably-lengthy amount of time, I admit.  As a full-time web developer, I haven't had much luxury with regards to free time to dedicate to updating my site for a bit.  I mention this context for a few reasons:  1.) No one else has attributed Wordpress so it may lay claim to new information 2.) I'm also providing an explanation why I haven't noticed this in my analytics' tools until today.

So what is "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics, we dancing like a paralytics" ?

"Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics" is keyword spam.  Most spam on a website consists of linking efforts with hidden links or comments' section spam, forums (r.i.p. hollerboard), etc.  Keyword spam is slightly different.  The approach one would quantify is that a user searches a keyword or keyword phrase, in this case "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics, we dancing like a paralytics", and then the search engine (ie. Google) would take you to my website.  In all honesty, it's really not a big deal unless your site's bandwidth is getting taxed. Chances are it won't actually do that, since most keyword spam comes from bot traffic from "ghost hits" that technically never make it to your site.  In my use case, I can trace all of this traffic back to Russia, since I have filters tracking the geolocation and keyword phrasing.

How do I get rid of it?

In you Google Analytics account, go to the admin tab. Then select "All filters" in the left column. Create new filter, name it "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics", select Custom Filter Type, then exclude the filter pattern "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics".  Click save and you are good to go.

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