Guild Wars 2

Project Description

In preparation for the upcoming launch of two new mmorpg titles and continued updated releases of current titles, NCSoft needed for their support websites to function as efficiently as possible. part of that challenge existed with a legacy code framework prone to performance issues, another concern was the overall amount of website traffic the support websites and servers are hit with as more and more customers look to the support sites for troubleshooting, beta issue reporting, and overall questions and solutions. the website was to be used as a tool to best engage with a very supportive beta testing pool of over a million users for early phases of game testing. as the popularity of guild wars 2 grew, the heavy site traffic was showing indications of further increases as well. in order to best tackle the issues at hand, the support sites underwent a complete code re-fresh. the goal was to create code that loaded fast, efficiently, and also provided a clean user experience. application 'widgets' were created to better to better route traffic based on search results and to also increase the efficiency of support ticketing. in addition to improving the site, the code re-fresh improved internal processes for the customer service team assigned to game support, allowing improved response times to tickets. services provided: development, design, research, planning, documentation technologies used: RightNow, Codeigniter, Php, WebDAV, HTML5, CSS3

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  • Skills:

    • UX
    • HTML5
    • Oracle RightNow
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ncsoft is a south korea-based online videogaming company, which has created some of leading titles within the mmorpg industry. their most anticipated game to date, guild wars 2 is scheduled for launch august 28th of this year.