Ghost Spam is Free from the Politics, we dancing like a paralytics

What is "Ghost Spam Is Free From The Politics" in Google Analytics ?!

I've had a Wordpress portfolio site up for a questionably-lengthy amount of time, I admit.  As a full-time web developer, I haven't had much luxury with regards to free time to dedicate to updating my site for a bit.  I mention this context for a few reasons:  1.) No one else has attributed Wordpress so it may lay claim to new information 2.) I'm also providing an explanation why I haven't noticed this in my analytics' tools until today.

About Me

More than 14+ years of work experience with interactivity & usability. Background in computer science and audio production. Focusing on data–driven user centered design and meaningful aesthetics. Worked for clients like 3M, IKEA, Sunny D, Dunn & Bradstreet, Dell, Adometry, University of Texas and many others...