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Tomoko Miho
21, Mar 2022

How to set-up a CI/CD workflow on a VPS scale (draft)

Much of what I do is revisit the same processes with a modern update to one or a few elements.  Back in the "old days", we used mercurial (sp?), tortoise svn, and a litany or other easily corrupted synchronization utilities for code.  For nearly a decade, I've used these tools but have always found a "Workaround" when they fail to live up to their core functionalities. 
That being said, today is a new day.  There is no use being a subject matter expert on modern web design best practices if I can't demonstrate a useful way of doing things, ie. give back to others by sharing what (seems to) work for me.

  1. First we need an M1 Macbook Pro. (check)
  2. Then we need to either re-install or install our dev tools.
  3. Permissions permissions and authetications, oh my.
  4. Let's deploy.

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