Wow, It has been a while....

I admit it. I'm not a blogger. I wanted to be. I'm just not. I love working on a million websites and keeping everything fresh and tidy and aesthetically amazing but I have to admit something... I'm not a blogger, which is why I just realized my own personal website, ie. the hub and showcase of my portfolio and craft, is sadly neglected. Once again, I'm repeating this to myself: I am not a blogger.

The average web page has nearly doubled in size since 2010.

via tameverts Rampant page bloat may not be news to many of us, but that doesn’t make new findings any less alarming. According to the HTTP Archive, the average top 1,000 web page is 1246 KB, compared to 828 KB in May 2012. This represents a 50% rate of growth in just one year. Last fall, when we reported here that pages had taken a sudden 20% jump in payload, we speculated that this could be due to holiday bloat — when site owners stuff their pages with media-rich content to attract shoppers.


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More than 14+ years of work experience with interactivity & usability. Background in computer science and audio production. Focusing on data–driven user centered design and meaningful aesthetics. Worked for clients like 3M, IKEA, Sunny D, Dunn & Bradstreet, Dell, Adometry, University of Texas and many others...