"Another Website Development Homepage Coming Soon Message?" Well, yeah actually... On the bright side and it's 2018 and my website "re-design" I've been promising for years in now back in full-swing due to my own research and experimentation using Drupal 8. This (what you see here, sans a "digital strategy") is an evolving sandbox of Drupal 8 website development / experimentation.

The Next Phase - A Blog.

The next phase, hopefully will birth a new development blog, where I can share some of the crazy tricks and scripts I've managed to need along the way. My previous blog seemed to have a 5 year gap in it between 2012-2017 where I somehow forgot to post.

Drupal 8 Development

I'll be spending some time discussing Drupal 8 development on the site for the near future. With the addition of Symphony to Drupal, a paradigm shift has happened in the Drupal space, so I've found any and all documentation and tutorials helpful. It's probably my turn to share a few as a result of being the beneficiary of so many well written step-by-step tuts for Website Development myself.